Address: 30 Smith St, Kempsey NSW 2440


Phone: (02) 6563 1367

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Kempsey's Trusted Local Cafe & Health Food Store

The Kempsey Health Food Shop & Cafe is a cozy spot in Kempsey where you can enjoy healthy meals and find wellness products.

It is a locally owned family business and celebrates Indigenous culture through its menu and products. Inside, you’ll find fresh ingredients and a variety of nutritious dishes. 

The shop also caters to your specific health needs, providing a range of  vitamins,  supplements and other locally sourced products. 

What sets this place apart is its strong sense of community – whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, you’ll feel welcome.

It’s more than just a cafe; it is a place to connect over shared values of health, cultural  and environmental sustainability. Experience it for yourself.


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